Coffee Facts

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Culver City Coffee

In Culver city coffee is common. However it was not always that way. Back in the day,  1675 England’ s  King band coffee houses. He  was thinking it was a place people met to conspire against him. In 2013 in Culver City Coffee is considered sociable and part of the culture.   Today people  simply savor a great flavor Coffee is. That is why in Culver City Coffee  is one of the most commonly consumed products not only Culver City but in  the United States but globally.

Facts about Coffee:

# 70% of the world consume Arabica Coffee

# Coffee Grows on tree’s usualy up to 30ft high however they are harvested at 10feet.

# Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth

# Coffee can make you frisky. It was noticed back in 1600′s when shepherds noticed there goats became frisky and started dancing after eating coffee beans.

# Coffee drinkers still outnumber tea drinkers in the U.S.: 183 million coffee drinkers to 173.5 million tea drinkers. In 2012

# There were about 20,000 coffee shop businesses in the U.S. with combined revenues of $10 billion in 2011, according to First Research



Coffee Drinker Statistics, 2012

  • In the latest National Coffee Drinking Study from the National Coffee Association, 40% of 18-24 year olds are drinking coffee each day — this is a sharp rise from the 31% of this age group who said they enjoyed a daily dose of java during 2010. This increase brought the consumption of coffee among this age group back to its 2009 level.
  • In the same National Coffee Drinking Study, 54% of adults age 25-39 reported drinking coffee each day, another significant increase from the 44% who reported drinking coffee daily during 2010.
  • Why the strong increase is less clear: 29% of the 18-39 age group said they felt better about their financial situation (only 12% of those 40+ felt similarly positive), but no other group shared the same concern. Overall, 46% of coffee drinkers surveyed characterized their financial situation as “The Same” when compared to 2010.
  • The study also found that over 75% of U.S. adults drink coffee, and 58% reported drinking coffee daily.