Los Angeles 5 BEST Coffee House’s



Like Coffee? Want to try the best Los Angeles has to offer?


Who is rated LA’s best Coffee?

We LOVE coffee.  So we assembled a team of people who have a Coffee love too. We added  some food critics to the group and sent them out is search of great Coffee.  We sent them around Los Angeles and surrounding small cities like Culver City,  there mission   one thing. LA’s BEST coffee!  These  results are based on milk based expresso coffee. Cafe  Latte which seems the new vogue. These  are LA’s best coffee results, from our coffee critics.  The results are also based on speed of service. Coffee around Culver City seemed to be very good. When it comes to great  COFFEE CULVER CITY is worth a visit.

So if you want a GREAT coffee fast in LA here are our critics recommendations

Number 1:

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 6.12.10 PM

Island Monarch Coffee (IMC)


We found these guys on google suggestions, by pushing Coffee on our iphone.  The google reviews are small they are seemingly new. That said we found the reviews to be what they said. Exactly what the reviews said,  SMOOTH coffee.  They  use the Kona bean from Hawaii, which not all that common around LA because of the price of Kona beans and getting them into mainland.   Their site says, they  fly them in green, roast  in LA. Amazingly fresh.  From what we can see  on Yelp and other online sources,   it is a Kona blend.  Their own developed blend of beans, roasted from green field coffee beans fresh in LA.   But that is not the only impressive thing about IMC.  They have an elaborate water   system,  which they boast about when you are  there.  Their own independent water tank they say. It feeds their expresso machine, and creates a tasteless base for the coffee.   They have a passion for chemical fluoride free water, and do not use the city water supply direct.   Water  runs through Reverse osmosis & Water softening. And stores in a water tank on site when they say their  ”water is made”.  Their coffee is unbelievably smooth, and VERY addictive. You wont stop at just one. Price is good. $3.90 for a large latte. $4.40 with flavor.

Number 2:

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 6.16.58 PM


Jones Coffee


These guys are the real deal.  They own their own coffee bean farms, import, roast and serve great coffee.  The coffee is smooth. Not a great deal of difference between them, and our number 1.  Both shops produce a smooth consistent coffee.  The finish of IMC coffee is a little stronger because of the Kona bean hint coming thru at the end.  There on opposite side of LA from each other, so whatever works out closer to you will work  best for you. Price is higher here. $4.50 for large Coffee. Their price puts them at 2 coffee is even with IMC.

Number 3

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 6.18.13 PM

Intelligentsia Coffee


The service is not as fast. Serving sizes are small. Coffee not as strong as 1 & 2.  Intelligentsia Coffee is  in third place. You will be waiting around for a coffee at this place. The wait is worth it, VERY good coffee,  again a good consistent smooth taste not a strong coffee flavor, a more netural taste. They have multiple locations, so if our two distinct coffee house’s that hold a firm place at 1 & 2, Intelligentsia is the next best thing. Price is high $4.30


Number 4 

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 8.55.02 AM

Lamill Coffee



Lamill Coffee are funky modern and have created a fun environment. Compared to the others who’s primary focus is good coffee, these guys have put great effort into a balance of good coffee at a great place. For a great place go there, for a great coffee our number 1 and 2 have a distinguishable difference. That said the coffee at Lamill Coffee  is gourmet, and not just good, it is very good. Above the average coffee. Price is $4.40

Balconi Coffee:

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 8.57.42 AM


A good coffee again. These guys have a bigger and fun place too. Latte is good, the flavours they use need to be worked on a little. Price is a little higher than the average.  $4.90

Number 5:

Coffee Commissary 

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 8.59.37 AM

Beans are from Portland’s fantastic Coava Coffee Roasters, and from Sightglass Coffee Roasters and Victrola Coffee Roasters. They have great cakes too.  Good flavor coffee making the a place getter in LA’s top 5 coffee houses!


These are the opinions of our reviewers, all these top five coffee houses serve a great coffee. We encourage you to try them all,  form your own opinion and do your own google reviews.

If you love coffee these 5 place you will Enjoy!